Suckle Feeder

Suckle Feeder angled.jpgThe Suckle Feeder is a revolutionary new baby bottle that complements breastfeeding, enabling a baby to suckle just like natural feeding.  

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Anywayup Cup

Shake, rattle and roll. The Anywayup Cup was the world's first totally non-spill cup.

Here's what the Design Business Association said about the Anywayup Cup when it was named winner of Innovation category in the Design Effectiveness Awards:

"The results are extraordinary, 70 people were employed on the back of this product, marketing was done by word of mouth and it dominates the sector."

Mandy Haberman's product collection"The Anywayup Cup has revolutionised the baby products market thanks to its ability to genuinely solve a major headache of parenthood."

"Not only does it eliminate spillage - yes it really does - but the design also protects growing teeth by allowing a flow of juice only when the child sucks and swallows. Add this to a range of contemporary colours that promise to fit in effortlessly with the most modern kitchen and you have the ultimate baby must-have.”

Anyware Range

"Child safe tableware that looks good and really works."

Haberman Feeder

An essential medical tool that is widely used for a variety of feeding difficulties, including cleft lip/palate, neurological dysfunction, congenital heart disease, genetic disorders. 

“A significant advance in the feeding of infants with cleft palates." (A. N. Campbell and M. J. Tremouth, Archives of Disease in Childhood, 1987, 62, 1292-1293.)

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