Patent System Reform: Inventors' Wish List

I asked three inventors if they could change three things in the patent system, what would they be? They all found it impossible to limit themselves to three wishes, but we came up with the following:

Wish List

1. Eliminate translation costs for European patents.
2. Cross border injunctions, so that we don't have to chase infringers all over Europe.
3. Affordable insurance so that it is accessible to all inventors.
4. Restore the integrity of the examiner’s decision. Make the grant of a patent mean something, so that the IPR of private inventors is not regarded as a joke.
5. A support system to help private inventors and SMEs to fund enforcement actions.
6. Make wilful infringement a criminal offence and introduce punitive financial controls.
7. Provision of a speedy trial and sanctions to prevent delaying tactics.
8. Speed up the EPO Opposition process and throw out strategic objections from infringing companies.

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