My Story: 2005-2006


A rather busy year!

In my opinion, since 1996, some major US companies have been using my technology without a license. My US patents didn't get granted until 2000 and after that, for contractual reasons,  I couldn't do anything about the possible infringements  until this year. Finally, I pluck up my courage and decide to enforce my rights and take action, in Wisconsin, against Playtex Products Inc and Gerber Products Company. 

Meanwhile, life in the UK continues -

I am invited to be on the panel of entrepreneurs at a British Library female entrepreneurs’ event. The aim of the event is to inspire budding female entrepreneurs and to encourage them to use the Library's newly opened Business & Intellectual Property Centre. The Centre contains a wealth of information (mainly free) to support entrepreneurs from initial spark of inspiration through to successfully launching a new business.

Speaking engagements include:

  • Talking to MBAs at the Cass Business School in May about my perspectives on starting up and the importance of IPR in the process.

  • Keynote speaker at Why Wait, Innovate! Providing a real life case of creating inventions, meeting market needs and protection in the courts.

  • Debate at the 5th International Conference on IP at the Palais des Congrés in Paris.

  • GlaxoSmithKline - sharing knowledge and encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour within its organisation from the perspective of both behaviour and attitude. The goal is for the team to think about the ability to innovate without a depending on large budgets and an abundance of resources. These resources drive adoption of ideas and communication.

In December, Playtex settle out of court but the case against Gerber goes all the way.

Whilst all this is happening, there's a major crisis in the UK - my licensee V&A Marketing goes into administration.  


Numerous speaking engagements, press and tv interviews, posh dinners and receptions.  The Glugs project goes from strength to strength. We team up with Professor Mary Rudolf and Glugs are used to support the Henry initiative. Endorsed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Henry and the Glugs are introduced to SureStart nurseries. 

By February, I have put together a management team to buy the V&A business from the administrator. I decide not to be part of the new business but, instead, to grant a license to the new company, Amadeus Associates International. I invest in their business to help them get started but remain independent, to follow my own dream.  I believe that to succeed in today’s world a business must invent and innovate. My dream is to build a business based on intellectual property.  With strategic partner, Paul Bottomley (a design engineer), in November I set up Anywayup LLP, in order to bring together all my developing ideas and create a cohesive product range under my own ‘Anywayup’ brand. Finally, I am in control of my own brand and my destiny!

Other stuff:

I  sit on the Judging Panels of the 7th British Female Inventor & Innovator of the Year Award at The Guildhall in London and participate in the IKB awards, presenting the prizes at the Natural History Museum.

I am invited to contribute to Gowers Review of Intellectual Property for the Government and am also invited to theTreasury to give personal interview about my experiences with IPR. 

During the year my engagements includ speaking at:

  • Cass Business School London

  • Extreme IP Seminar

  • Hogarth Chambers 7th annual summer IP seminar

  • The launch of enterprise week with with Lynne Brindley of the British Library.

  • UKPO

  • ‘Doing Business in Essex’ - an Annual event hosted by Business Link, ExDRA (Essex Development and Regeneration Agency) and the Chambers of Commerce. The Theme – Innovation.

  • Key Note Speaker for Norfolk Network. The Network brings together innovative, ambitious businesses from all sectors, scientists and entrepreneurs, who are all focused on growing successful businesses in Norfolk.

Some great media coverage too...

I am interviewed by the Times' Business correspondent and Thompson Learning published ‘Best Practice Intermediate’ about my story.
I am quoted in AND appear on Sky News (Eammon Holmes interview)

Along side all of that, our son, Ben,  gets married in July and our daughter, Nadia, in September. Somehow I find time to make two weddings!




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