145.jpgI’m Mandy Haberman, Inventor and entrepreneur and I set up Haberman, a baby feeding products company dedidicated bringing to market innovative baby and toddler feeding products that help youngsters develop feeding independence,to bring you my latest 'must have' products. 

Originally, I was a graphic designer but our third child, Emily, changed all that. She was born with awful feeding problems and I had to invent a solution. That was how I became and inventor and, my first product, the Haberman Feeder began.

The companies that I approached to commercialise my invention weren’t interested so, I set up a company and sold the Feeder to hospitals and parents myself.

Next came the Anywayup® cup. I had the idea for it when Emily and I were at a friend’s house. A toddler ran across the room with a cup full of juice and left a trail of sticky pink stains on the cream coloured carpet – ‘What a nightmare!’ I thought, ‘There has to be a better way’, so I set about inventing a totally non-spill trainer cup that would seal by its self when it came out of the child’s mouth.

Anywayup® cup technology was a massive success and revolutionised the baby cup market world-wide. 

Like most good ideas, it was copied. Several David and Goliath court cases followed ……I risked everything.

Thank heaven I won! 

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