My advice for would-be mumpreneurs

My advice to other mums wanting to combine motherhood with a new business idea.

Loved By ParentsStarting a business is going to be tough. It’s going to involve a lot of juggling and compromise. You will probably feel pretty stressed out. On the other hand, it will take you into the world of grownups again, provide stimulating balance to your life, be intellectually and, hopefully, financially rewarding. So, first of all, ask yourself if you really, REALLY want to do this? If the answer is passionately ‘Yes’ – then read on.

1. Check your proposed product or service fulfils a need that can’t be met in a cheaper way – otherwise no one will buy it.

2. Invest in a babysitter for the day and visit the Business and IP Centre at the British Library. They will guide you through the whole process and equip you with all necessary skills, including searching their incredibly useful data bases

3. If you are creating something original, look at the UK Intellectual Property office website to see what intellectual property rights can be used to protect it If you need a patent, don’t skimp and try to write it yourself – it’s a job for professionals. Go to

4. Women frequently have difficulty in talking themselves ‘up’. Even if we are brilliant at doing something, we tend to say’ I’m quite good at…’ So, believe in yourself. Go to these websites for truly female inspiration, motivation and encouragement go to and also,

5. Finally, make sure that you have the support of your family and friends.

6. Go for it!
And never doubt your ability to succeed....

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Mandy Haberman is a successful entrepreneur and inventor. She invented the Anywayup® cup, the first non-spill cup, in the early Nineties. The cup has had phenomenal worldwide success selling millions of units a year.

Mandy has won many prestigious awards for her innovative inventions and was recognized by HM Queen Elizabeth as a ‘Pioneer to the Life of the Nation’ in 2003.

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