Leap year

I was thinking, as its leap year this year, I should do something really special with my “extra day”.

Never at a loss for inspiration when it comes to treats, I thought I would have a little trip to my favourite destination, Aix en Provence (with the Brucy bonus of an extra day there).  Then I noticed that France was being hit by a big freeze – the France/Ireland rugby match in Paris was cancelled and - strikes at the airport threatened (now, there's a novelty!)

So from bonus days to bonus balls, I’m now thinking I should take a trip to the lucky county of Nottinghamshire instead,  to buy a lottery ticket.  With two mega Euromillions jackpot winners buying tickets in this part of England,  may be I could get lucky (I never win anything. The only time I had the winning ticket number in a raffle, I couldn't find my ticket!)

So when I've arrive in Nottingham and buy my winning ticket - what next? Before I pose for the paparazzi, I'll treat family Haberman to a well deserved pamper day at a spa (something that I buy for others but never seem to indulge in myself).  Bring on those bubble baths, massages, beauty treatments and soft towels, we are going to spend the whole day lounging around in dressing gowns and fluffy slippers, sipping Champagne whilst we will plan how to spend our winnings. (Well, a girl can dream!) 

In reality, on Feb 29th I'll probably take my grandson to the park to feed the ducks and round it all off by playing leap frog over the bollards in honour of our special day.

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