Business today

I originally set up Haberman Associates (formerly Haberman Feeders) in 1984, for the commercial exploitation of my first invention – the Haberman Feeder for babies with sucking problems.

I hadn't planned on going into business but the companies that I approached with a view to licensing my inventions, whilst being very happy to see them, didn't take up the offer. In desperation, I brought my inventions to market myself and my Anywayup cup technology revolutionised the baby cup market world wide. 

When my former UK licensee went bust, I established my own business (Haberman) with strategic partners to bring together all my ideas and create a cohesive product range under my own brand. We rescued my original Anywayup cups and we've got them back into manufacture at world class standard, even better than they were before. They are now being sold online at

I couldn't have done it on my own - the success of my business is in part attributable to the development of business partnerships; employing the help of talented partners, sub-contractors and consultants with creative flair whom shared my vision to bring innovative products to the market place.

I believe that innovation is essential to business success. Our new company Haberman is based on innovation and design, bringing real 'must have' products to the market at sensible prices.

A business based on intellectual property has always been my dream and now it is a reality.

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