Being an Inventor

The nice thing about being an inventor is that life is never boring. Ideas niggle away inside my head compulsively - I must enjoy it, otherwise I would Mandy Habermanjust let them evaporate.

Because I'm my own boss, I can suit myself regarding how I work. So, armed with my iPhone, I can be working while walking the dog or looking around the shops. In fact, I do my best thinking at night. I think doors inside my brain open when I'm half-asleep and I can access solutions to problems that evade me during the day. Of course that means I'm up half the night but, hey ho, such is the life of an inventor!

People ask me if I work full time, to which the answer is "Yes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

I am also quite good at juggling though (as my picture illustrates!) so I will always try to find time to providing direction, help and encouragement to other would-be inventors - I know there are a lot of people like me out there.

Of course, I would love to see more done to help independent inventors in dealing with infringement.  I think my biggest gripe is the lack of financial support available. The litigation process can cost the same whether you are an independent inventor or a multi national corporation. It is currently so unfair that the inventor has to risk personal financial ruin, whilst the big corporation might merely see a dip in profits.  Enforcing your intellectual property rights around the world should be a commercial decision and not undertaken lightly. You need nerves of steel.

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