I am thrilled that my Anywayup Cup has achieved great success over the last few years and along the way earned several high profile awards, including the following:

Mother and Baby Magazine Silver Award for the Anywayup Smiley Cup in the Mealtime category 2001/2
"Simple but ingenious, the Smiley Cup has a 10 per cent line and a 100 per cent smile line at the top. The idea is to dilute your baby's drinks with one part juice to 10 parts water. Giving your baby weaker drinks is much better for her teeth and discourages her from sucking for comfort."

Female Inventor of the Year 2000 (UK)

The British Female Inventor of the Year (BFIY) Award is an annual award that aims to recognise and promote the success stories of women in the UK that have come through the challenges of turning an idea into reality.

“Millennium Product” UK (2000)
Having been selected an official Millenium Product, the Anywayup Cup went on display as part of an exhibition to represent the best of British Innovation, that began at the Dome in London and visited 11 countries around the world.

Gold Medal at the Salon International des Inventions in Geneva

Design in Business Association's "Design Effectiveness Awards (2000)" winner of Innovation category (sponsored by 3M)
The Judges for the 3M Innovation award enthused about the Anywayup Cup and its success, “The results are extraordinary, 70 people were employed on the back of this product, marketing was done by word of mouth and it dominates the sector” said one judge. The Anywayup Cup has revolutionised the baby products market thanks to its ability to genuinely solve a major headache of parenthood. The DBA went on to explain the cup's success: “Not only does it eliminate spillage – yes it really does – but the design also protects growing teeth by allowing a flow of juice only when the child sucks and swallows. Add this to a range of contemporary colours that promise to fit in effortlessly with the most modern kitchen and you have the ultimate baby must-have.”

Design in Business Association's "Design Effectiveness Awards (2000) winner Best Consumer Product Design (sponsored by Nokia)
The Panel of Judges for the best Consumer Product,also described why the Anywayup Cup was chosen to win this prestigious award. “Innovative, unique and above all useful, the Anywayup Cup Mark 2 has demonstrated significant achievement across all criteria for effectiveness, including, sales figures, market share, production efficiency and consumer response”

Horners Award for Innovative Use of Plastics, (highly commended) from the British Plastics Federation UK (2000)
The British Plastics Federation were very impressed with the Anywayup Cup, commenting “The originators have been able to capitalise on the safety of plastics their snap-fit attributes and the variety of aesthetic appearances achievable, in this case a transparent colour consistent with current fashions in homewares.”

Tommy Award for the Most Parent Friendly Innovative Product (1999 & 2000)
The winners are voted for by parents for the organisations, services and products they think cater most to their needs.

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